If you really want to tackle a serious health related problem promptly, you should not waist time with experiments such as with a self built magnetic pulser designed by Dr.Bob Beck.
Contrary to the instruction for building a magnetic pulser from Dr.Bob Beck - with all the hassles and questions of the unknown - you can buy today an affordable scientifically developed quality device. Please read more about the German developed Bio Medici magnetic pulser.

In the mid 80's Dr. Bob Beck developed the "Brain Tuner", a small portable device which balances the electrical activity of the brain. The "Brain Tuner" produced effects similar to a Russian device but was much smaller and not as expensive.
Dr.Bob Beck found that drug and alcoholic addicts were able to get off drugs in a couple of days without going through all the known withdrawal symptoms by treating themselves with the "Brain Tuner". He tried to sell his idea to Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers but was refused; the long rehab process of 3 to 6 months was just fine with the centers.

When Dr.Bob Beck retired from a U.S. government career as a physicist he devoted his life to health research. Dr.Bob Beck worked on a series of classified projects for the government and in particular with low frequencies around the globe. Low frequencies were suspected as a means of mind control and could be detected with a $300,000 Sequential Quantum Integrating Device. Dr.Bob Beck designed a small low priced magnetometer that could detect those frequencies much better as the existing device.

In Dr.Bob Beck early years he built "crystal operated radio receivers" for the neighbor's kids and during university time Dr.Bob Beck experimented with electronic flash light for cameras. He bought a glass bottle of xenon gas for $70. The invisible xenon gas is used today in neon lights and strobe lighting. Returning home with his treasure he revealed to his mother the price he paid for, a glass container with "nothing" in it. Dr.Bob Beck saw in that "empty glass bottle" the future of photography, while his mother seemed angry at his purchase. For more extensive experiments with xenon gas related discharges, Dr. Bob Beck learned the trade of glass blowing and in the last semester of university, he sold his "low voltage flash cube" patent to Ed Wilcox for $ 500.
When Dr.Bob Beck watched the Los Angeles Olympics on TV, he saw thousands of flash lights going off. With tears in his eyes he realized that he was the pioneer who initiated this development.
During the 1980's Dr.Bob Beck established his own firm and developed a powerful electroencephalograph unit. For his work Dr.Bob Beck received the John Fetzer Foundation pioneering award in 1990. Dr.Bob Beck became well-known in three books published in the 90's: Super-Learning 2000 by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder and Mega Brain Power, by Michael Hutchison as well as the more recent book from Dr.James Oschman: Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis.

Dr.Bob Beck was one of the first physicists in the U.S. applying his knowledge for medical applications. One of Dr.Bob Beck's systems (using electrodes placed over 2 arteries) sent micro currents of electricity into the blood, without invading the body. To prove his invention, he funded a study involving eight AIDS patients and two medical doctors. The final test results of the study proved, that all eight patients were free of HIV symptoms, according to Dr.Bob Beck. Unfortunately, the medical system required that a PCR test has to show that each individual was free of HIV positive and for that reason Dr.Bob Beck did not publish his findings.

At some point in time Dr.Bob Beck realized that the lymph system is more extensive than blood vessels and can hide viral infections and so re-infect the blood. He tried to solve the problem with a magnetic pulse generator, inducing micro currents of electricity to specific body parts.
Dr.Bob Beck gave presentations at different health shows and handed out a booklet with the title: "Take Back Your Power". The booklet contained also instructions and schematics to build personal devices.
The Dr.Bob Beck protocol uses three units: The Silver Pulser for Micro pulsing or blood electrification as well as making Ionic Colloidal Silver, the magnetic pulser for lymph and tissue electrification and the water ozonator for freshly ozonating water.
In the water ozonator, Dr.Bob Beck used parts such as the ones selling for fish tanks. He believed that drinking ozonated water helped improve the oxygen level in blood while flushing toxins out of the body.

Dr.Bob Beck's research and experiments were fascinating for the public, but did not succeed with the rigid health system as we know it. In one of his presentations he said: "You can't go up against the establishment with pure science- you've got to be politically correct. And that's just basic to the way things are done out there. "What I'm doing is totally politically incorrect!"

In the 1990's Dr.Bob Beck became known for his 'self-health' protocol; an uncomplicated electronic therapy that was discovered to stop the replication of the AIDS virus. Later on, Dr.Bob Beck revealed that numerous other severe health conditions (e.g. malaria) react positively to blood electrification. In the meantime, for many it became a popular hobby to put together - according to Dr.Bob Beck instructions on YouTube - a magnetic pulser, zapper or colloidal silver device.
Dr.Bob Beck never planned to sell such devices; he wanted to give the public an idea that it was possible to cure yourself of diseases without feeding money to the expensive pharmaceutical industry. 'School medicine' was more interested in managing a health problem, rather than curing it, which Dr. Bob Beck mentioned often.
When Dr.Bob Beck said 'managing' he meant the long tail of steady income for the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, medical insurance companies and health care providers, while curing a patient meant a lost customer.
These teachings of Dr.Bob Beck came just in time, since the drawbacks of the allopathic health care system converted the attention of many people to natural health therapies such as magnetic pulsing.

The  "Beck Magnetic Pulser" developed by Dr.Bob Beck

Dr.Bob Beck was asked by the U.S. Navy to check out some bizarre events happening to Eugene, from Oregon. Newspapers reported that people behind the wheel were falling asleep during driving. Dr. Bob Beck noticed a very low frequency of 7.25 Hz was resonating in this area and he believed that the Russians were behind it, communicating with submarines.
At that time the East Germans developed strobing magnetic devices to counter the atmospheric frequencies that were putting people to sleep. These protection devices were small boxes or in a pencil shape, which one could carry in the breast pocket. Inspired by these devices Dr.Bob Beck bought some of these devices and tested them in his newly set up bio feedback workshop.

As a young adult Rosemary had difficulties getting jobs because people did not like her "gray" appearance.
The bizarre events of Eugene investigated by Dr.Bob Beck
Guess who took the colloidal silver? 

Some health care providers recommended the germ fighting colloid mineral called 'colloidal silver' which was available for $75 a bottle for a 4 oz. bottle from commercial suppliers. Dr.Bob Beck showed his audience how economical everybody could produce colloidal silver using his instructions. With such a unit - Dr.Bob Beck stated- one could produce 1 gallon for pennies.
Unfortunately, the intake of colloidal silver had some devastating consequences for some people like Rosemary Jacobs.
Rosmary Lacobs of Long Island, New York was one of the victims. A local newspaper wrote: "The silver woman from Long Island. The face that no one forgets." Rosemary's eye-ear-nose-throat specialist prescribed her nose drops that contained silver with the instruction to take them 'intermittently as needed'. In the above photo her face became grey. 
Dr.Bob Beck was granted in 1947 his first patent for his 'Electronic camera flash attachment' which was the driving force for a magnetic pulser with the intent to 'zap' e.g. the lymph system or bones.

The Magnetic Pulser of Dr.Bob Beck .
Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig 
Dr.Bob Beck  

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