Hospital Letter of Recommendation

Double blind tests with  Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy  carried out in a Hospital in Germany

The name of the Hospital and the doctor are withheld for reasons of confidentiality

Subject: Experience gathered with the Bio Medici Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy devices.

For about 2 years now, approximately 20 Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Devices (previous models of the Bio Medici device) have been in constant use in our clinic.

With all devices we have carried out numerous treatments on about 3000 (three thousand) patients. We have prepared a list of indications showing the various frequency ranges used and the  points of applications on the body.

These values and also the various applications of Magnetic Therapy were selected on the basis of the experiences reported by all the doctors in our hospital.

To start with, we examined the effect of the devices in the treatment of lymphostasis in the area of the solar plexus and also their effect on micro angiopathies by carrying out investigations using capillary microscopy.
For this purpose we also carried out numerous double blind studies   with placebo units.
Capillaroscopic examinations performed at the groove of the nail bed (Sulcus matrices unguis) immediately revealed significant changes in the microcirculation and thus changes in the perivascular region, thereby proving the effectiveness of the treatment method.
Verifiable influencing of the capillaries was established between 4 and 6 Hz, mainly in the form of stress-induced angiosplasty changers. At the same time, the blood pressure was reduced from asystolic blood pressure of 180 to values of 140.

In the meantime, further indications have been discovered and the treatment method has been objectivized in all cases.

For all the indications mentioned, the treatment was more than 70% successful; for about 50 indications the success rate was 80%; and for 10 indications success was achieved in 95% of the cases. The treatment had a relaxing, calming and compensatory effect on the patients.

One aspect of the biomagnetic therapy that strikes us as worth mentioning is that the magnetic field therapy devices are very easy to use, and no complications or side effects have been reported in any cases.

We have used the magnetic field therapy devices for the last two years, it has been proven to be so successful that we will continue to use them in the future.  We will recommend the magnetic field therapy devices to all practicing doctors.
Signature (Chief of staff)

Subject: Report on experience obtained with the magnetic therapy equipment.

The Pulsed Generator which we obtained, is performing excellently. With its aid,
patients who were suffering from phantom limb pain following amputation were
quickly free of their pain in just a few minutes.

Signature (Chief of staff)

Hospital in Germany - Letter of Recommendation

The name of the Hospital and the doctor are withheld for reasons of confidentiality

Magnetic Therapy used on a daily basis in a Naturopathic Practice

The name of the Naturopath is withheld for reasons of confidentiality

Subject: Reports of the successful treatments with the Bio Medici Pulsed Magnetic Field Generators.

I have used on a daily basis the Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy devices in my naturopathic practice in combination with Chinese acupuncture. I am constantly amazed at the success that I have achieved, not only with all types of migraine and headache patients, but also in the broad area of epigastric complaints.

In the case of my headache or migraine patients, I apply the unit to the site of origin of the pain, i.e. in the case of a cervical migraine I apply it to the nape of the neck, and in the case of headache pain on the right side of the head. For acute pain I commenced with 10 minutes at the setting for "headache" and a further 10 minutes at the setting for "sleep disturbance". After the patient has been treated twice with these settings I increased the exposure to 20 minutes at each setting.

In patients with epigastric complaints (gastritis, chronic pancreatitis and in all patients whose iris indicates nervous weakness) I carry out acupuncture and in addition I apply the pulsed magnetic field to the solar plexus for 30 to 40 minutes. The patient calms down noticeably and his/her condition is rapidly and lastingly improved.

Heart patients whose symptoms have been diagnosed as purely nervousness in origin, receive to the pulsed magnetic field therapy an additional acupuncture treatment for 20 minutes in the heart region.

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