How does the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser work?

Unlike other devices the magnetic pulser Bio Medici operates with a special pretreated antenna to boost the performance of the device and emits magnetic waves to achieve the required balance between magnetic field strength and harmonic waves. Furthermore, the Magnetic Pulser is outfitted with 7 frequency switches to "fine-tune" the required frequency a person needs. Please consult the Instruction for a basic switch setting.

Two other tools are very important for an effective magnetic pulser treatment: The Carrying Tube and the Carrying Pouch. Both accessories are needed to keep the magnetic pulser - for the duration of the therapy - as close as possible to the area to be treated. For instance: In case of lower back pain: The Carrying Tube (with the magnetic pulser inserted) can be worn in the back area - during the day or while sleeping. Please see more treatment points in the Instruction.

The second accessory which comes with the magnetic pulser is the Carrying Pouch, it is designed to keep the magnetic pulser over the Solar Plexus point; this is the place of 6 inch or 15 cm above the navel. A daily solar plexus treatment for rejuvenation and for strengthening the immune system is recommended. The magnetic pulser should be placed as close as possible to the point of treatment. The magnetic pulser emits stimulating biomagnetic impulses in all directions (in a radius up to 8 in./20 cm) penetrating through nearly all materials.

The pulsed magnetic energy of the Bio Medici helps sick cells to rejuvenate and to return them to their previous healthy stage. Furthermore, energy blockades can be removed, responsible for many health problems.
Please read the Magnetic Pulser Testimonials about the different types of health ailments to be treated like arthritis, insomnia, lower back pain, cramps, inflammation, diabetic ulcers, and more.

Magnetic pulse therapy for shoulder pain

Very effective: The magnetic therapy neck wrap with the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulser

Pulsed magnetic treatment
 for knee pain

The Carrying Tube with the magnetic pulser inserted, it can be worn during the day or while sleeping.

Lower back pain can be alleviated with magnetic therapy, by helping to relax the back muscles and increase the blood circulation.

Solar Plexus treatment (with carrying pouch) as a general body treatment and for rejuvenation