Magnetic Pulse Generator 26-31

Dear Professor,

I never before experienced such a pain relief.
I purchased a Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator that arrived 2 weeks ago in Malaysia and I must say after 2 weeks I am off [Celebrex.]
I suffer from a biomechanical problem- my left leg is shorter than my right by 8 cm- due to fracture of the neck of the left hip joint 23 years ago. I have suffered from pain in the left hip and worn out knee joint and cartilage, worn out C6 and C7 and severe cartilage loss in one thoracic spine discs- my orthopaedist recommends surgery immediately. My spinal cord disc are worn out so that they are pinching the nerves and blood vessels, causing me pain, numbness symptoms and headaches on a daily basis.
I knew about pulsed magnetic therapy like the Bio Medici from reading Becker's books but all the other devices I found on the Internet are sold at high prices, which I really cannot afford. I was at first reluctant to buy the Bio Medici although it was really not expensive but eventually decided to buy one. This was my best decision I ever made!

I have to say the results after only one week of use is really something indescribable; someone can say that the therapy success with the Bio Medici is unbelievable. This I have never experienced before even with the most expensive painkillers around- and I DO know about pain killers- because I have used just about every one the market.
I guess you have heard it all before. It works in stopping pain, that I know for sure!
Thanks and Regards, Justin, Malaysia
I have my Bio Medici magnetic pulser now one full year. I am very satisfied with its performance. I suffer from arthritis in the shoulder, my hands, knees and lower back. The BIO MEDICI has absolutely eased the pain. I put it under my pillow at night and it surely helps to get a good night's sleep.
Sincerely, M. K.

I received the Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator in July. I suffer from arthritis in the joints, the nape of the neck and the spine disc. The device has helped me to relieve the pain. It also reduced my chronic stomach problems. At night, I place the magnetic pulse generator under my pillow and have no problems falling asleep. You have mine and my neighbor, Mrs. E. K. permission to publish our opinions concerning the magnetic pulse generator.
C. S.

Magnetic Pulse Generator #26

Please forward literature of the magnetic pulse generator for the purpose of redistribution.
A series of happy incidents obliges me to endorse the device: My own experiences, steadily increasing, compel me to become a convinced and true spokesperson for the Bio Medici magnetic pulse generator. It not only possesses multiple positive factors; the explicitly noticeably effects, as well as its subtle effects make me a devoted supporter of the instrument, and this during a time, where one is understandably afraid of so-called "gimmicks." In addition, I appear to describe the effects of the magnetic pulse generator open and trustworthy.  B. T.

The pulsed magnetic therapy has become part of my body.
I am a serious, chronic pain patient and was administered instant relief from heavy neuralgia pain and arthritis inflamation,. All my life I suffered from neuralgia. I practice self help to calm myself.
I manage to be without the magnetic pulse generator for six hours, then I must use the device again.
In another letter, Mrs. F. writes: "I am stupefied, because of my sick hands, I had terrible handwriting". Now once again, I have beautiful penmanship. I wear the magnetic pulse generator for 11 hours, and miracles do happen!"
At 5:30 AM this morning I received a call from a neighbor. She suffers from neuralgia. I lent her the Bio Medici. An hour later, she phoned back, announcing that she can move her arm again. The healing process took effect within less than one hour. I am most grateful.   U. F.

The magnetic pulse generator has helped me tremendously. I am 83 years old and I nearly cried when I discovered the battery was empty. I had become frightfully forgetful but thanks to the Bio Medici I am back to normal. I am very calm now, my nervous disorder completely disappeared and I do not have to take any medication. My reading and driving have greatly improved.
Yours very truly, J. K.

Magnetic Pulse Generator #31
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