Magnetic Pulser Benefits

The benefits of pulsed magnetic therapy enriched the field of alternative medicine tremendously. Based on the findings of Professor Schumann, every living organism needs the earth frequency of 7.83 Hz, Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig developed the first handheld magnetic pulser in 1974 to liberate his mother from painful weather related symptoms.
This positive experience was the prelude to having examined more frequencies and all the possible benefits to the human body. Dr. Ludwig was right, special pulsed magnetic frequencies were responsible for alleviating specific health conditions. It turned out, that the most benefits of a magnetic pulser were between 0.5 and 33 Hz.
These days, the benefits of a magnetic pulser are frequently referred to as the "First Aid Kit", and can be used for a line of applications.
The basic benefits of the magnetic pulser are the manipulation of cells; to increase the oxygen flow to the cells and to improve the blood circulation. Furthermore, pulsed magnetic therapy eliminats pain, reduces inflammation, promotes healing and has a relaxing effect on muscle spasms and sprains.

More benefits have been noticed, such as that the magnetic pulser therapy regulates the nervous system and relieves pain. In addition the Bio Medici generates micro currents within the cells helping the immune system to self-heal the body.
US-studies have confirmed that pulsed magnetic fields speed up the healing of fractures as well as healing fractures that would not heal.

Summary of Benefits for the Magnetic Pulser Bio Medici
* Alleviates pain
* Relaxes muscle spasms and sprains
* Increases mobility in arthritic joints
* Reduces inflammation, swelling and bruises
* Speeds up recovery in sport injuries
* Speeds up the healing process of bone fractures
* Accelerates the healing of torn muscles, ligaments and tendons
* Eases depression and stress symptoms
* Resistance to infection is increased
* Stimulation of the energy levels of the body
* Supports the removal of waste products from blood
* Increases the body's resistance to infection
* Promotes sound sleep
* Activates your body's own healing powers in a natural way and supports self-regulation. As a result, fewer drugs (with associated side-effects) are often needed.
So many benefits in one device?

The Bio Medici has been available since 1984. It is one of the smallest magnetic pulsers in the world and has thousands of satisfied customers worldwide who lovingly call it "The MIRACLE BOX".

Dr.Richard Newman tells its patients: "It is a hospital in a box".

It produces a specially designed electromagnetic bio-field which is a reproduction of "untouched nature". The Bio Medici returns the body to its original healthy stage, and helps a person to reach a feeling of well-being. But the crucial benefit compared to medication is the absence of side effects; in fact, pulsed magnetic fields are enhancing the effects of medication, and that means; and lower amounts are needed.