Magnetic Pulser Testimonial #37

I hereby would like to tell you, that the Bio Medici magnetic pulser has helped me very much. Since many months I suffered from chronic sinus infection. However, within five weeks of applying the magnetic pulser, my condition had improved by 50% and should soon be cured completely, thanks to the magnetic pulser. Furthermore, not only that! I was developing a painful throat ear infection which was cured overnight by simply placing the device to my left temple, and the device also remedied my sleeping disordeers.
Sounds rather incredible, but it is true.
I very much recommend the Bio Medici magnetic pulser to all my friends and acquaintances. Again, my sincere thanks to you for having brought this device to Mexico at a very affordable price. The Mexican Medicare System should also benefit accordingly, by saving costly medical procedures. I am convinced, that in the future, the Bio Medici  will continue to render invaluable services to my family and myself.
H.K. Kraemer

Two years ago I suffered a serious skiing accident. My left cheek bone was broken, or rather splintered. From this point on, my life meant constant pain. So intense was the pain, that at times the throbbing and pounding spread over the entire half of my face. My left eye was swollen and I furthermore suffered from sleeping disorders as I could not, even with a very soft pillow, rest on the left side. My consumption of pain relieving medication was accordingly, to the point, that my family became very concerned. Though I had reconstructive surgery and there were no visible scars, my splintered cheek bone continued to torment me, even after several medical after-treatments.

These unfortunate conditions in my life, with its constant discomfort and pain resulted in poor moods and apathy; conditions under which my family and colleagues also suffered for the past two years. I am the General Manager of an industrial designs-firm. A few weeks ago a German colleague, whom I had told of my misfortune, suggested I should try the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. He was convinced its treatment method would alleviate my problem. He supplied me with the address of the company I consequently ordered such a magnetic pulser the same day.
Meanwhile, my colleague lent me his Bio Medici magnetic pulser, which he used at the office from time to time. After I applied the magnetic pulser directly to my left cheekbone, I noticed with disbelieving surprise, that after only 20 minutes a mollifying effect took place. A remarkable reduction of the pain, pressure and tension set in, as if the muscles were relaxing. After another hour the swelling of the eye had subsided. I was absolutely overwhelmed with this successful application.
The next day I received per express post my own Bio Medici. I applied the magnetic pulser during the night by placing it under the pillow. Again, the effect was astounding. The next morning my cheekbone and the left side of my face were free of pain and felt perfectly normal. As an additional bonus, I had slept soundly.
I now apply the magnetic pulser several times during the day. My problems have disappeared, to the point, that I no longer need any further medication.
It is now two weeks since I first applied the Bio Medici and I can say that once more life is enjoyable. I am very grateful to have had the possibility to come by this amazing instrument.
Once more, many thanks,
Thank you,
Horst Mascheder

I am applying the treatment with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser since only four weeks. I am amazed, however, at the swift and effective results. For many years I suffered from intense and chronic back pain and aches in the head area. My physician recommended surgery and drugs. After applying the Bio Medici, the pain was reduced by 50%, requiring only an absolute minimum of painkillers. Moreover, my blood pressure, much too high for several years, has also been lowered already to an acceptable level. My physician, quite astonished by my amazing recovery, will contact you to order a Bio Medici for himself.
M. Doerringer

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