Several years ago I broke my right leg in a skiing accident. Last year (I am 60 now) I broke my ankle on the same leg. This time in three places! The Doctors at Sunnybrook Hospital fixed me up with a large piece of stainless steel and screws to pin the bones together. So far, so good I can walk reasonably well, albeit with a cane most of the time.
My problem starts in the evening, especially if I have been walking around a lot during the day. My leg hurt terrible sometimes, it hurts so much that I have to take two or three 222's just to be able to fall asleep.
The Bio Medici magnetic pulser changed all that!
Now, when my leg hurts, I set the magnetic pulser to 2+5 and Velcro-strap it to my ankle. I leave it there all night and sleep like a log. Next morning I wake up, jump out of bed and feel no pain!
The first time I used it that way, I was surprised that the pain seemed to go away almost immediately and thought it must be all in my head. However I have repeated this experiment again and again and come to the conclusion: "It's the Bio Medici, it really works!"

I am attaching a computer printout of an X-Ray of my ankle. It shows the steel insert very well. Use it if you like and or pass it on to the manufacturer, it's genuine.
George M. G.

Magnetic Pulser Testimonial #2
My success with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser is probably unsurpassed . . .

I wish that my letter will be read by as many people as possible because my success with the Bio Medici magnetic pulser is probably unsurpassed.
Years ago my doctor explained to me that I am suffering of "Peripheral-Neuropathy". Furthermore, he sent me to a Neurologist for more tests. His judgment was disturbing when he said that I have to use a cane in the future and that there is no medicine yet for the symptoms only ones which block the pain in the brain.
Two year later I visited another Neurologist. She asked if I am a member of a church to gather strength for my future fate in a wheel chair because I would soon lose my balance. She prescribed me the same medicine as the previous doctor, but much stronger.
Since I have read a lot about the Bio Medici magnetic pulser and nobody of the German community seemed to suffer the same illness, I ordered the device. For the next 4 months of magnetic therapy with the magnetic pulser I felt not much improvement. I suffered already for 7 years on Peripheral-Neuropathy and fortunately I continued faithfully the magnetic therapy.
All of a sudden I realized a warm current in both legs!!!! That was the beginning!
The results of the EMG 3 or 4 years ago confirmed that the nerves in my legs, feet, arms and hands were almost dead!
That was the turning point, new life shot into my limbs. Since that moment I am able to go for hours without complaints although I can't stand still for a long time. I am doing my homework, shopping (without wheel chair) and got back my old courage!!!
My third Neurologist proposed to me to take a 2 inch long nerve sample from my heel and a probe from my spinal bone marrow. Both samples were sent in for testing and came back with the findings: "The nerves regenerated themselves".
I have enlightened my physician about my successful self treatment with the magnetic pulser. He wanted to get more information about the magnetic pulser which I will show him the next visit.
For me, the magnetic pulser Bio Medici alone set off this miracle of regeneration and healing and nobody can ever convince me of the opposite.
I am very happy that I pulled through the extensive therapy and did not give up within a week.

I always remind myself that my illness lasted 7 years and one has to be patient and can't expect to be cured over night.

Many thanks your grateful,
Gonhild ST.

Magnetic Pulser Testimonial #3
To my pleasant surprise the results have been everything as advertised. . .

Six years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and given as little as six month to live. Since that time I have undergone two and three months of massive radiation treatment. I continue to have regular checkups, live a healthy and active lifestyle and while relative healthy. I nevertheless experience periods of discomfort with severe sinus, throbbing lower back pain, watery eyes and running nose. Needless to say this affects me not only physically but also emotionally, resulting in periods of depression and anxiety attacks.
A relative made me aware of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser and I subsequently read some literature explaining the magnetic pulser as well as its reported benefits. While it sounded good, to good in fact, I was very skeptical and in addition because I am a senior on a small pension and my sole support, I felt the cost was prohibitive.
After a couple of more month of suffering I came to the conclusion that despite my misgivings it was worth a try and the purchase was made.
I have now the Bio Medici for several months and to my pleasant surprise the results have been everything as advertised. When used as directed I get quick relief from my sinus problem, my back pain and I sleep so much better. I'm told I look much better and I know that I feel a whole lot better.
I can only attribute this healthy improvement to the use of the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. It is a real joy to be able with comfort to continue doing things I enjoy such as swimming, lifting weights, and maintaining my home, garden and automobile and my independence.
I am happy that I got over my skepticism for the magnetic pulser and will recommend it to anybody and wish them the same good results I now enjoy.
Sincerely and with thanks, Christa N.

Last December we have received a Bio Medici magnetic pulser as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately the magnetic pulser was stored in my drawer, unused. I did not believe that it would help me with my pains in both shoulders causing me to have deep sleep deprivation. Then I encouraged myself to try it out, secretly. Nobody in my family knew of my self-treatment up to the moment when my pains in the shoulders where almost gone.
To my big surprise my wife asked me to send her the "miracle device" for her insomnia. I am a witness; she slept deeply within an hour. Since that time the magnetic pulser lays handy by her bedside table.
From time to time I am using the magnetic pulser from her and have following result achieved:
Alleviated back pain and shoulder pain; no more sleeplessness and cold feet.
I am 70 years old, and feel like 30 again.

A long time ago I had in mind to write to you but I wanted to find out if the magnetic pulser could help me with my sciatica in my leg.
On Easter Sunday I experienced a sciatica attack. I spent 3 days in bed under extreme pains. The following Wednesday I limped to the doctor. He prescribed me pills but the pain still remained. Later I found out that the pills were muscle relaxants (??) but sciatica is actually a nerve problem, right?
I went to the chiropractor and received heat treatments and massages. After the therapy I felt much better but the next day the pain returned again. At this point it was clear to me that I have to take things into my own hands.
During the night hours I slept with the magnetic pulser in a sock at the sole of my foot, and by day I wrapped it around my lower back with a head-scarf.
I am telling you, in 2 days the pain lessened and in 10 days I had no pain at all.
The magnetic pulser is a real "miracle device". I should have started with this therapy right away to avoid all my troubles.
Since my husband and I own a Bio Medici we sleep much better. Each day my husband asks me: "Do you have your 'Blinki' under your pillow?"
We already have recommended the magnetic pulser to many friends.
Again many thanks and god blesses you.
Josephine and Werner T.

In December I bought my Bio Medici magnetic pulser and was very soon convinced of the cure.
I suffered under a long term refractory phlebitis (inflammation of the veins) in my arm (after a cancer operation). The pain was alleviated already after a 3 day treatment with the magnetic pulser.
Also my back pain (lumbago), which lasted 10 to 20 days, lessened already within 2 days.
Again, I am 100% convinced of the healing power of the magnetic pulser and have recommended it to all my friends; they too had positive experiences.
In my opinion the magnetic pulser Bio Medici offers the best alternative therapy for a lot of pain and health complaints AND NOBODY SHOULD MISS OUT HAVING A BIO MEDICI! I don't want to be without the little "Miracle Box".
You must be very proud to be the manufacturer of such an effective pain control device.
I wish you to have continuous success and my heartfelt wishes.
Brigitte T.

Your magnetic pulser helped me a lot! Since years have I have lower back pain. Sometimes I climbed up the stairs on my hands and knees. When this happened I wrapped the magnetic pulser around my back and the pain disappeared within 5 days and did not return!
Five years ago I had a knee surgery and had more pain than before and could hardly walk. Again, the magnetic pulser helped. Within 7 days the pain was almost gone. During the day I am using the magnetic pulser and during the night hours my husband is using it under his pillow.
Since our house burnt down, my husband does not sleep well. He gets up 5 to 6 times.
At 4 a.m. he is awake and can't sleep anymore. Since he has been using the magnetic pulser he sleeps well all through the night and feels better in the morning. The magnetic pulser is a real "miracle device" we use it a lot.
God bless you,
Josie T.

I am using the Bio Medici magnetic pulser now for two months, and I am fully satisfied. I am 70 years old and suffer from osteoporosis for over 20 years. Especially in the morning, my feet, knees and hands were stiff, painful and swollen. I thought I have to live with this.
We heard about the magnetic pulser at one of the Christmas fairs. My husband persuaded me to give the magnetic pulser a try. I have to admit I was more than skeptical, but I agreed.
It took me only 2 weeks of having the magnetic pulser under my pillow at night, that I noticed improved mobility in the morning. Now, after 2 months, I can hardly believe it. I sleep like a baby and, getting up, I have no stiffness. I can move all my joints, it is simply great!
Thanks to Bio Medici, I enjoy doing a lot of things I thought I never could do again!
Sonja K.

Magnetic Pulser Testimonials

I am very happy to have the magnetic pulser Bio Medici. I have food allergies and it has helped tremendously. I put the magnetic pulser on my throat at the setting NO. 3 and it causes me to feel much better. I had terrible back pain so I put the magnetic pulser on my lower back for over an hour and the pain was gone. I have trouble with my left leg especially when I am using it a lot. So I put it on the hollow of my leg and it helps me to go again.
Where ever I have a problem I check the chart given to me for the right settings. I thank and praise god for this device because I have health problems that want to set me back. So I use the magnetic pulser as instructed. I would like to add that I have a problem with my nerves and the magnetic pulser calms and soothes me. If I have problem sleeping I put it under my pillow.
I am thankful my husband read this in the Deutsche Presse and brought it to my attention, suggested it to me and now I have it. Thank you so much
Muriel U.

Sciatica: Whoever suffers with this kind of pain knows what I am talking about! It started one week before Christmas, and became unbearable after physiotherapy and was only bearable with strong painkillers and the magnetic pulser. My wife used the magnetic pulser successfully for her back pain.
Despite my mistake, I have chosen the wrong switch adjustment from the adjustment table for sciatica; I managed to suppress the pains, especially during the night hours and the daytime.
Beginning of January I have ordered my own magnetic pulser and continued treating my left leg for a week until the numbness disappeared. I could run again! My family doctor was surprised when I canceled the C.T. scan. I explained him the situation and talked about the use of the magnetic pulser. He thoroughly examined me again and said: "Well, you can't argue with success."
To sum up the story I can honestly say: I highly recommend the Bio Medici magnetic pulser.
Günter B.

Here is my testimonial for the magnetic pulser Bio Medici.

After having suffered from pain caused by arthritis and advanced disc (both lumbar and clavicle for longer than I care to remember, I discussed my aches and pain with my good friend - and happy client of yours - John A. He was kind enough to allow me the use of his "Gadget" from time to time when my discomfort was more than I could bear (and he could listen to) I found it difficult to believe that even occasional application of the magnetic pulser gave me such - sometimes instant relief from my misery. My believe and trust in your product was confirmed when in late spring of this year I fell down the ice covered front steps - do not ask to have me describe the pain - came to the rescue my friend John and you magnetic pulser, the pain did not stop altogether, - it has by now - but I could walk without a walking stick and moaning and groaning.
Having had these experiences I passed the information on to my daughter in Newmarket who for years has been suffering from severe PMS and resulting mood swings as well as insomnia during those periods. She assures me that since using the magnetic pulser her life is worth living again, every day of the month.
I passed all this information on to a dear Iranian friend in the Kingston area- successful Restaurant/Bar owner - he could not be any happier having purchased the Bio Medici - who is passing on the good word.
As for myself, my dear, I must admit that my business- or the failure thereof - does not permit me at this time to purchase one of you units. Sorry!
However I would like to tell you that the use of your magnetic pulser by other people and the use of it by me whenever I was fortunate to have use of it matches or exceeds all promises. Though not a customer at this time I have no hesitation to highly recommend your product.
Yours very truly,
Michael R., Consultant

On the advice of a friend from Toronto (Mrs. B. S) my wife acquired the Bio Medici magnetic pulser and started to use it right away! She had very good results to treat very annoying neck and shoulder problems. She also uses it to treat a sometimes very painful right knee!
I was so impressed that I started to "borrow" the magnetic pulse constantly, setting off increasing annoyance on her side; after all I deprived her of the beneficial use of the Bio Medici. Well I found out in a very short time that this "thing" as I called it, really worked! and became a "BELIVER". So I acquired my own magnetic pulser and now we are both happy!
I use mine to combat an often severe and persistent pain in my right hip and also for lower back pain problems. I am relieved of a lot of pain, pain sometimes so severe that I could barely get of a chair and walk! Whenever the pain reoccurs the magnetic pulser helps me in a very short time: No more tablets of painkillers for me! We both could not be without the wonderful Bio Medici and it spares us a lot of agony and has given of back the quality of live we had thought to have lost forever. We have recommended the magnetic pulser to several friends and upon using it, they are very pleased!

Thank you for your kind cooperation, our very best regards,
Frederick and Ingeborg R.

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Magnetic Pulser Testimonial #12
Here is my poem:
Bio Medici how sweet,
No headaches, pains, and no cold feet,
No stresses now of any form,
Strength and vigor are the norm.
The only thought I do now ponder, how to share it in the great blue yonder:
I like to give it to St. Pee,
Maybe up there HE sometimes gets cold feet.

Many thanks for your help,