Last December we have received a Bio Medici magnetic pulser as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately the magnetic pulser was stored in my drawer, unused. I did not believe that it would help me with my pains in both shoulders causing me to have deep sleep deprivation. Then I encouraged myself to try it out, secretly. Nobody in my family knew of my self-treatment up to the moment when my pains in the shoulders where almost gone.
To my big surprise my wife asked me to send her the "miracle device" for her insomnia. I am a witness; she slept deeply within an hour. Since that time the magnetic pulser lays handy by her bedside table.
From time to time I am using the magnetic pulser from her and have following result achieved:
Alleviated back pain and shoulder pain; no more sleeplessness and cold feet.
I am 70 years old, and feel like 30 again.

Here is my poem:

Magnetic Pulser -The Poem -
Magnetic Pulser Testimonial #4
Bio Medici how sweet,
No headaches, pains, and no cold feet,
No stresses now of any form,
Strength and vigor are the norm.
The only thought I do now ponder, how to share it in the great blue yonder:
I like to give it to St. Pee,
Maybe up there HE sometimes gets cold feet.
Many thanks for your help, R.H.G .