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Magnetic Therapy Treatment - Hands Free Advantage, NO Magnetic Pads and NO Adapter -- YouTube

Doomsday Preppers need Magnetic Pulser for Pain Management-National Geographic-YouTube Video

Make no mistake, the doomsday scenario will hit us hard, the question is when. If you are an older person you will observe the accelerating decay of our world. Climate change alone causes disastrous consequences, not to mention the possibilities of an economic collapse, global pandemic, nuclear war, solar-flare-inducted power failures, mega quake, and extreme oil crises.

Since 1984, the BIO MEDICI is manufactured in Canada with German know how. For Doomsday Preppers the device is the ideal pain management device, it works with a 9-Volt battery, lasting for a couple of years. Unlike other devices, there is no need to hold a paddle during the treatment time or use magnetic pads. One doesn’t need to plug in a 120 Volt adapter, responsible for uncontrolled magnetic fields, reaching over 3 feet, offsetting the treatment. In the last years, the FDA approved magnetic field therapy for bone healing and recently for depression, pain and edema. See how a German hospital handles their pain management with 20 magnetic pulser and see the double blind test reports from 3000 patients at and read also the interesting testimonials of.
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The Germans are known in the world for their leading achievements, in many fields. If they are committed to a task they do it really thoroughly. 
German inventors, thinker and poets, have influenced our live today. Just to name a few, for instant: Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1439, Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity, Von Braun was responsible for the NASA Apollo Moon mission, the Horton brothers developed in 1933 the first Stealth-Wing Bomber, Otto Hahn for nuclear chemistry, Conrad Röntgen for X-Rays, Felix Hoffmann for the Aspirin, Robert Koch for the isolation of anthrax, tuberculosis and cholera, Karl Benz for the first car.
Out of this environment the physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig from Germany developed for a magnetic therapy treatment, the first hands free magnetic pulser, but without the impractical magnetic pads or paddle, as still used in North America and Australia. Dr. Ludwig is known as the absolute authority or as "the father" of Pulsed Magnetic Therapy in Germany. Many scientific documentations and symposia in Europe and North America are witness of his full commitment to pulsed magnetic therapy. In addition, Dr. Ludwig worked also with NASA to incorporate the first magnetic pulser on a manned spacecraft.
Years later, Dr. Ludwig helped to develop the BIO MEDICI magnetic pulser with its over 100 different frequency selections, including the important Schumann frequency.

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