Magnetic Therapy products became a multimillion dollar industry in the last 15 years. On websites you can choose from a variety of magnetic therapy products and pick the one that you think is the best solution for you. Unfortunately, before buying any magnetic therapy product it is wise to do your research first, informing yourself about the quality and how these product work.

Therapeutic magnets can be used as patches or are integrated in wraps, insoles, seat cushions and mattress pads. Powerful magnets are used in an attempt to achieve relief from stress, pain and a list of the most common health issues. These products are very popular because they are low-priced and available everywhere. Magnets, even the most powerful, can never replace the other category group of pulsed magnetic therapy products: The Magnetic Pulser.

In comparison to a magnetic pulser, the effectiveness of a static magnet is very limited. Users have to be concerned about North-and South Pole for treatment. The advantage of a magnetic pulser is the constantly alternating magnetic field. The speed of this alternating magnetic field can be adjusted (frequency). To improve the performance of a static magnet, the user would have to move the magnet in an alternating fashion over the surface of the body part to be treated for an extensive period of time. Unfortunately, this task is impossible to carry out! In contrast to static magnets, a high-quality magnetic pulser can simulate the life essential Schumann waves of 7.83 Hz.

A classic Magnetic Therapy product, the block magnet:
The ceramic block magnet with the dimension 4"x 6"x 12" thickness, is very heavy and therefore can only be used in a sitting position, lying down or placed under the pillow. This magnetic therapy product has a magnetic field strength of 4,300 Gauss reaching up to a distance of 22 in. (558 mm). 
A study at the World Health Organization's in 1987 concluded, that exposure to static magnetic fields reaching up to 2 Tesla (20,000 Gauss) has no adverse effects on human health.
In comparison: The earth magnetic field has only 0,5 Gauss (50 Micro-Tesla) on average, at the poles 0,7 Gauss and at the equator 0,3 Gauss.
Remark: Raw magnetic power of a magnet alone is not decisive for eliminating health problems. 
Static magnets can be more effective if they are moved in a back and forth motion above the treatment area.

Advertisements are claiming the benefits of magnetic insoles. The popular magnetic therapy product is not expensive and -so it claims- relieves foot pain and swelling. Some insoles have also an extra cushioning under the heels to absorb shocks while walking. The soles carry little ceramic magnets producing up to 4,300 Gauss.

Standard mattress pads are fitted with hundreds of little 4,300 gauss ceramic magnets spread out equally over the entire pad. Some mattress pads contain high-energy neodymium magnets build in, with a field strength up to 13,500 gauss.

Magnetic seat cushions are made of high density foam to cushion the body, relieve pressure, and provide soft comfort. Truck drivers are using this magnetic therapy product frequently. The magnetic seat pad uses large and strong 4,300 gauss magnets to relieve back pain and leg discomfort while sitting. The static magnets are more effective when they are moved back and forth over the area to be treated. This is the case of the vibrating cabin of a truck.

This magnetic therapy product is designed to support your knee instability. High energy magnets are located behind, in front and on the side of the knee cap to ensure maximum biomagnetic coverage.

One can use this magnetic therapy product for shoulder pain. The material is adjustable at the arm and the chest area to ensure a proper fit and contains two magnetic pads with 18 magnets.

This magnetic therapy product covers both shoulder blades up to the neck area. It uses 4,300 gauss magnets for an upper shoulder and neck treatment.

The U-shaped pillow design provides a gentle support for the neck, easing muscle strain while sitting. There are approx. 16 strong ceramic magnets which are targeting the back of the neck and above the shoulders, helping to relax tense muscles.

Magnetic Therapy Products High in Demand

Magnetic Therapy Products:
From Magnetic Bracelets to Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy Products became for many of us part of our lives. It began 1982 when the first hand-held magnetic pulser was introduced. This device was imported from Germany and became the leading light for many companies which tried to copy it, but without success...