If you are looking for a really effective magnetic pulser you have come to the right place. Twenty-five years ago magnetic pulsers were not well known in North America (even to alternative practitioners). Since that time the Bio Medici magnetic pulser became an indispensible aid.

It dates back as far as the year 1985, when the world renowned physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig from Germany visited an investor group in Montreal. The meeting was about the future production of an exceptional effective magnetic pulser, a battery operated pocket unit, with a special antenna  in order to boost its performance. This magnetic pulser should be available for the main stream population as well as naturopaths, homeopaths, doctors and alternative practitioners.

Many years before, Dr. Ludwig discovered during his research that the human and animal body needs the so called stimulating 'Schumann wave signals' to obtain and maintain perfect health and that the signals must be in balance. He integrated these findings towards the magnetic pulser, which proved to be the perfect tool to eliminate a variety of different health problems.

His research made it possible to develop the magnetic pulser Bio Medici, which is since then manufactured in Canada. One day, during a telephone conversation from Germany, Dr. Ludwig expressed his concerns about the competition trying to copy the magnetic pulser but did not implement the necessary 'technology' for a successful device. He further said that these 'copy-cat' devices could damage the reputation of all magnetic pulsers in general. These concerns are still valid when it comes to buying a quality product today. (See magnetic pulser reviews).

The magnetic pulser Bio Medici is simple to use; the user has not to worry about field strength, wave forms or frequencies to choose from. Magnetic field strength and waveforms are balanced precisely to obtain the most benefit of the magnetic pulser. The magnetic pulser emits life essential Schumann Waves (7.83 Hz) needed in humans and animals. Sometimes the pulsating magnetic field of a magnetic pulser is confused with the static magnetic field of therapeutical  magnets. Both work differently and are not comparable. Magnets do not produce the vital Schumann waves!

Why is this Magnetic Pulser so effective?
Magnetic Pulser an indispensible Alternative Healing Aid

Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, the father of pulsed magnetic therapy in Germany developed the Bio Medici magnetic pulser. The Bio Medici is a quality device supplying the right dose of pulsed magnetic energy to the cells. Certain carefully developed frequencies and harmonies are put into place to multiply the effectiveness of the device.His work made him famous in the scientific world.

It is so practical and easy to use! The magnetic pulser comes with a carrying tube.
The carrying tube is a vital part of the magnetic pulser in order to apply the magnetic pulser as close as possible to the treatment area. When the treatment settings have been adjusted, there is a time frame to treat your back or other body parts.
The magnetic pulser also comes with a carrying pouch for a solar plexus treatment. The solar plexus is a central nerve center, a complex network of nerves located in the abdomen. With the magnetic pulser in the carrying pouch one can have a general body treatment for: old age symptoms as well for asthma, emphysema, nausea, PMS symptoms, neurological disorders, stress, stomach disorders, sleeping disorders and nervous anxiety, just to mention some examples. (See magnetic pulser benefits).

Q: Why should I be using the Magnetic Pulser?
A: A magnetic pulser is a small 9-Volt battery operated therapy device designed to treat physiological and neurological disorders without the (documented) side effects of pharmaceutical medication. The bio magnetic impulses of the magnetic pulser can be adjusted to more than sixty different health conditions, to help restore the body to its original state of health.

Q: Who developed the Bio Medici magnetic pulser?
A: Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, a German physicist, was the leading force and inventor who developed the hand held magnetic pulser Bio Medici. He discovered that humans (also animals) need constant stimulating signals of electromagnetic impulses (Schumann waves) to remain healthy. If these signals are missing for long periods of time, or are disrupted, humans and animals become sick and die. The magnetic pulser Bio Medici delivers these treatment impulses perfectly and should be used daily because: Prevention is the key!

Q: Why do we need the magnetic pulser?
A: The magnetic field of our planet has declined considerably over the last 500 years . Without our earth's magnetic field, life as we know it would not exist. Furthermore, experimental studies in Germany have proven that the absences of Schumann Waves for only four weeks are enough to create a rapid decline in health. The magnetic pulser delivers these important frequencies (7.5 Hz up to 10 Hz) and should be worn over the solar plexus with the pouch. For more information please read: Schumann Resonance and the Scientific Work of Dr. Ludwig.

Q: Can the magnetic pulser cure serious health problems?
A: The magnetic pulser is NOT a "cure it all". Since the existence of mankind, countless diseases plague us, ranging from harmless to deadly. Modern medicine tries hard to win the uphill battle but has also its drawbacks and is far from perfect. Similar to medication, the magnetic pulser can be helpful for over sixty health issues, but certainly not for all. However, over the years we have gathered many health related stories in which the amazed users confirmed the immense health boosting potential of the magnetic pulser.

Q: Is there any discomfort during treatment with the magnetic pulser?
A: NO! The therapy with the magnetic pulser is described as a non invasive and gentle treatment, completely in harmony with nature. Very sensitive people can feel a tingling sensation during a therapy session, but there is no discomfort.

Q: Does the magnetic pulser have any side effects?
A: NO, unlike chemical products, this therapy, which is in harmony with nature and with humans and animal organisms, does not produce any harmful side effects.

Q: Who should NOT use a magnetic pulser?
A: The Bio Medici magnetic pulser should not be used by persons with pacemakers and by pregnant women. Caution is also advised in those cases where symptoms should first be examined by a doctor or when additional treatment(s) are required, and must not be delayed. Please see disclaimer

Q: Should I stop taking my medication when using the magnetic pulser?
A: NO! Main stream medicine can become more effective when taken during the course of magnetic therapy. Some users reported that they were able to reduce gradually the intake of medication while using the magnetic pulser. Also, the effectiveness of naturopathic medicine was enormously increased.

Q: How does magnetic therapy work?
A: The magnetic pulser emits the appropriate pulsed magnetic stimulation to the body during treatment, in stimulating the healing process. The biomagnetic impulses of the magnetic pulser activate the cellular metabolism, enhance the blood flow and supply the cells with more oxygen. The magnetic pulser applied to the solar plexus, strengthens also the immune system.

Q: Does the magnetic pulser have a rejuvenating effect?
A: Yes! Magnetic pulser users report a remarkable well being effect. Some even stated that their grey hair regained their natural color, they feel rejuvenated and therefore have a more positive outlook on life.

Q: Should the magnetic pulser be used when there is no illness or pain?
A: YES! An old saying goes: "Prevention is the key". Magnetic therapy is highly recommended for preventative purposes. Magnetic therapy strengthens  the immune system and normalizes the body functions.

Q: Which health disorders can I treat with the magnetic pulser?
A: The magnetic pulser can treat more than 60 different health problems. You can treat pain, physiological, neurological disorders as well as and psychological symptoms. Please see the Adjustment Table.

Q: How fast can the magnetic pulser relieve pain?
A: Some types of pain may be relieved in minutes; others can take hours or days. However, sometimes the pain increases for a brief period of time (this is a counter reaction, a good sign!); the therapy has to be continued to achieve the desired pain relief.

Q: Do physicians use magnetic pulsers for their patients?
A: NO! Medical doctors are not in the business of alternative therapies. They are trained to prescribe medication and are guided by the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, they will not recommend magnetic therapy to their patients.
Q: Who is treating people with magnetic therapy?
A: More and more therapists, naturopaths and doctors in North America are using this relatively new treatment method, but in Germany this has been a popular therapy since the early 80's.
Q: What is the maximum magnetic field strength being used for a magnetic pulser home treatment device?
A: A Gauss strength of 6 milli Gauss as with the Bio Medici is sufficient to achieve the desired therapeutic benefit! Magnetic pulsers used in clinics can produce up to 500 gauss and should only be used by trained health professionals.

Just simply locate your health issue on the alphabetical treatment list, e.g. back pain, knee pain, inflammation. Select the switch setting(s) on the list. Adjust the switch setting(s) on the magnetic pulser. Insert the magnetic pulser into the tube or pouch and wrap the unit around the body part to be treated.
Use the magnetic pulser for thirty minutes up to two hours three times daily, or use as indicated in the Magnetic Pulser Instructions. Example for insomnia use the magnetic pulser under the pillow with the switch setting 1+8 or 2+8 (8 is the on/off switch).

Another feature of the magnetic pulser is the 9-Volt battery. The battery is available worldwide and lasts with average use, for up to one year.

In contrast to other devices the Bio Medici magnetic pulser operates with a special pretreated antenna to boost the performance of the device and emits magnetic waves to achieve the required balance between magnetic field strength and harmonic waves. Furthermore, the magnetic pulser is outfitted with 7 frequency switches to "fine-tune" the required frequency a person needs. Please consult the Instruction for a basic switch setting.